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Road Bike Servicing, Mountain Bike Repair, and Bike Rental

From bicycle chain repair, fixing a broken spoke, to wheel truing and repairing a bent bike rim, our goal is to get you back on the road, trail, or mountain safely and quickly with a bike that has been examined front to back, top to bottom. Our staff has more than two decades of experience, and we can manage everything from simple flat tire and tube puncture repair to helping you buy bike pedals that suit your needs, along with tasks like bike gear adjustments and extensive bicycle tune-ups including brake bleeds, wheel building, fork and shock service, dropper post service, electronic shifting service and installation, bike assembly, and E-bike sales and service. Rentals are coming very soon!

Why choose Biker Bar? Biker Bar’s professional staff offers a comprehensive bicycle inspection process to make sure your bicycle and gear is ready for whatever you’re planning. We are a one-stop-shop for bike maintenance, rental, and sale. You can shop with confidence knowing that we are here to guide you to the best possible solution to suit your specific needs and help you enjoy your ride with a higher level of confidence and greater enjoyment. We focus on the highest quality service and products available so you can rest assured your investment will be able to keep you rolling for years to come.  Furthermore, supporting Biker Bar and Café helps support local business and community.
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Local bike repair and rental shop near the American River Bike Trail

I Want To Buy A New Bike

Bike Sales (Road, Mountain, and Leisure)
We offer road bikes, mountain bikes, hybrids, kids bikes, E-bikes, BMX, leisure cruisers, and much more, so we can match you to the ride that will take you where you want to go. Then we help you find the best bicycle helmet, mountain biking gloves, or cycling shorts and accessories to keep you comfortable and safe.
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Rent A Bike in Fair Oaks and explore the greater Sacramento area For the day

I Want To Rent A Bike

Bike Rentals (Expanding Soon!)
If you have friends or family in town looking for a great outdoor activity, if your one and only bike is in the shop and you need to get your cycling fix, or if you just want to try something different, Biker Bar also provides bike rentals. We are continually expanding our inventory so you can rent a bicycle for all styles of rider.  Our bike shop and rentals are just blocks from the easiest access to the American River Bike Trail - no busy streets to cross and no gnarly climbs to contend with. 
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I Need My Bike Repaired

Full-Service Bike Repair
Do you have a bike that’s been hanging out in your garage that just needs a little TLC to get back on the road? Or, do you ride the living heck out of your bike and need to have a complete overhaul done every 6 months to a year? We offer a helping hand for all cyclists; form the basics to the most comprehensive level of service available. We can even come to you to pick up your bike and bring it to the shop (within our service area). From cycle puncture repair, derailleur and gear repair, bicycle seat and saddle repair or replacement, and many other common bike maintenance and repair concerns, to comprehensive services including hydraulic disc brake fluid replacement/bleeding, software/firmware check/update for electronic components and E-bikes, suspension fork service (clean, replace oil, seals and wipers), rear shock service (air sleeve seal replacement and lubrication), upgrading cables and housing, and much more. 
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Sacramento and the surrounding cities have so much to offer. They have even more to give when you can get up close and personal on a bike. You can ride at your pace, stop to look at things that are of special interest to you, and decide when and where to start and stop your adventure. Biker Bar is unique in being the closest bike shop to the American River Bike Trail. Biker Bar is the starting and stopping point you need. We take care of your bikes’ needs now and also help you to refuel after your road or trail adventures.
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