About Biker Bar - A New Bike Shop in the Greater Sacramento, California Area
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Local bike repair and rental shop near the American River Bike Trail

Here at Biker Bar, we have been active members of the greater Sacramento cycling community for more than two decades, and are excited to be establishing a reliable, environmentally sustainable, one-stop-shop for our cycling family.  

We started Biker Bar to give the opportunity to as many people as possible to enjoy the fun, relaxation, exploration, and health advantages that cycling has brought to us over the years.

We strive to become a hub in the greater Sacramento area for services, rentals, and sales of high-quality bicycles with a focus on eco-friendly equipment and service you can trust.
A New Bike Shop in the Greater Sacramento, California Area
We do it all:

  • Repair that bike that’s been sitting in the back of your garage and give it a new life, give a comprehensive overhaul to your road or mountain bike, get that upgrade, see that custom build come to life, and apply your personal fit measurements to a new race machine. With your needs and desires in mind, our service department focuses on delivering a safe and FUN riding experience. Talk to us about our quality bike shop repair services.
  • We will guide you in selecting the best new bike to suit your needs, and in customizing it with the accessories that will keep you rolling safely and stylishly. When you buy a new bike we will adjust it for you and custom tune your suspension. You can be confident your new bike will be professionally assembled, tuned, and ready to hit the road or the trail. Our reputation is riding on every bike we sell and service. We take pride and care to make your bike the best it can possibly be. 
  • Need a bike fitting? Having a proper bike fit leads to having a position on your bike that allows you to ride as long and hard as you want in the most comfort possible. This can help prevent injuries that can result from an improper riding position. Correct position depends on factors like age, riding style, and flexibility. Call today to set an appointment with the legendary Mike Sayers to get the most out of your riding experience.
  • Set up a rental for yourself or a friend. Arrange a kid’s bike rental so you and your family can ride our beautiful trails together. Are you from out of town and want to explore the Sacramento area on a bike? Stop in to our family friendly bike shop and check out our fleet.
  • Stop by for a delicious, healthy meal along with the beverages of your choice when the Café opens in 2021 (Beer and wine included!). Biker Bar & Café is a great social hub for people to laugh, share stories, and find friends who also share your favorite activity. 
It’s never too late to pick up a new hobby or skill, and your life is never too full to make a new friend. Let Biker Bar give you the place and the tools to enrich your life--and your family’s life--with healthy entertainment and a fresh approach to the outdoors.
We’ll see you soon!
Call 916-241-9038 or email connect@bikerbarcafe.com to see how Biker Bar can be there for you.